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City Timelapse - Cartoon Clouds and Distant Skyline

The timelapse above was created using a HD webcam housed on a roof in Camden Town, London - note the full moon rising above the cityscape towards the end of the clip. An image was grabbed every 5 seconds to create the movie. The movie was processed using the 'Cartoon' option in After Effects. Compared to the original movie (embedded below) it notably picks out the distant skyline. If you pause the movie then you can see that single images work well, as a timelapse we are not quite so sure but its an interesting test, the original is below:

London TimeLapse - Full Moon from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Music by Ghostlight over at mp3unsigned.

Want to make your own timelapse? - See our full tutorial.


  1. well i never seen no such before, makes me wanna go out side, drink another beer and watch the sun go down, bess really liked it too. now you gone and donit she want to go out too.

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Nice movie!

    What is the real name of the "cartoon filter" in AFterEffects?

  3. Its actually called 'cartoon' under effects... you can change the various parameters, ours is just using the 'fill' option, so no edges.

  4. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Thanks. I'm running CS3. I just read that the cartoon filter is CS4.