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World's Most Realistic 3D City Models - C3?

We have covered C3 a number of times here on digital urban, a company that is producing high quality 3D models - a demo is below:

Trondheim 3D demo in HD from Morten Jacobsen on Vimeo.

Ludvig Emgard of C3 Technologies presented a talk at this years Where 2.0 entitled "World's Most Realistic 3D City Models?". The movie below is well worth a look as it talks though the technology behind the modelling process:

The process is automated, with the textures and mesh produced purely from imagery and not from the more traditional LiDAR approach.

See for a 3D flythough (Windows only at the moment) and for more info.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Take a look at
    Here you can search the major cities in Sweden in 3D.

    In the box "var?" just type for ex. the capital of Sweden "stockholm" and press enter, then click the "3d" next to "karta" and "satellit".
    Zoom the map and try to tilt it by the "luta karta" down in the right corner.
    I think this service is more than 2y old or something know..?

    Btw "Hitta" means "Find" in Swedish.