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Chicago in Virtual Earth

Microsoft continues to roll out its 3D cities to very little coverage in the blog sphere. As we have said before if this was Google their would be movies, news items, favoite views up within hours of release.

This current release includes, amoungst others, Chicago which is rendered in the level of detail we are coming to expect from Virtual Earth. Embedded below is a movie created by the guys at, a site that provides the latest news on Virtual Earth:

Video: Chicago Landmarks

The movie was made using the XBox 360 controller which seems to provides a nice smooth way of navigation. Of note is their kind mention of our tutorial on how to create movies from both Google and Virtual Earth, we quite like the KLF esk music as well..

We will take a look at some of the other cities released as soon as we get a chance...


  1. I would love to try their stuff, but only Google Earth is truly multiplateform...
    microsoft proposition runs only on windows

  2. Anonymous5:12 AM

    a point of clarification. Many of my past videos were recorded with FRAPS while navigating with the XBOX controller in realtime. The Chicago video however is scripted! I haven't logged nearly enough Halo hours to be able to maneuver this precicely in VE ;-) that was the point i was trying to make but wasn't really clear on in the original post on the VE blog - Simple scripting allows you to choreograph paths that are impossible to pull off manually without post production edits.


    Steve Lombardi
    Virtual Earth Program Manager