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Architecture in Virtual Worlds - Second Life/ActiveWorlds and Adobe Atmosphere

Crescendo Design has been using Second Life as a professional tool in their real life practice. Their site states that virtual reality component of their services consists of model homes and current design projects, as well as the Virtual Studio, where they conduct meetings and showcase our work.

The video below provides an insight in the building and construction process within Second Life:

The movie was sponsored by 'The Arch' blog.

The move of architects towards embracing Second Life is of interest as its one that did not happen within ActiveWorlds. Although almost 6 years ago, virtual worlds were looked upon as more of a 'game' rather than a social phenomenon. Yet with the rise of social networks, Second Life is suddenly being embraced by the big players and increasingly the smaller ones as well.

Only yesterday we got a call from a real-estate agent wanting models in Second Life and we cant help thinking that ActiveWorlds was before its time - especially in allowing the ability to import direct from 3DMax/AutoCad so there was no need to rebuild everything.

The movie below illustrates our early photomodelling work in ActiveWorlds - go easy its 5 years old..

Although controversial Second Life just doesn't quite hold up to the hype. It needs the ability to import full polygon models and a realtime (or baked) lighting system ala the long lost Adobe Atmosphere or the recently launched Blink 3D.

For comparison's sake below is a movie of our old work in Adobe Atmosphere:

Whoever withdrew Atmosphere at Adobe may of jumped ship too soon, it was an innovative product and certainly a lot more flexible in terms of virtual architecture than today's Second Life..

* As an update also see the article in Business Week ' Beyond Second Life'

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