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Its been a while....

From three posts a day to almost a month between articles, the shame of it. Its ok though, we have a plan - work even harder and work even longer, it seems to be the only answer.

Despite the lack of posts it has been all go behind the scenes at CASA with developments based around smart cities, internet of things, boris bikes, MRes courses, transport museums, ipads, touch tables, talking architecture, real-time city dashboards, 2012, hubs, biocomplexity and mass mapping. At the moment we are running with the term 'Hyper-Local-Social' looking at tagging the city brick by brick with every aspect within a 1.5cm area able to read/write information, moving beyond smart cities.

So apologies again, with a new job we have slipped behind the scenes to make sure things keep ticking but we do have a plan...

The twitter stream of consciousness and research continues, the blog will be back soon...

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