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Second Life and Science Sim: Time to Head Back into Virtual Space(?)

Back in the heady days of 2008 when Neogeography was the 'in thing' we looked into importing geographic, urban and climate information within Second Life. Progress was swift and we demonstrated how output from ArcGIS could be not only imported but also manipulated on the fly, along with step inside panoramas and live data feeds:

That was 2008, since then our land with NATURE in Second Life has sadly timed out and nowadays its hard to justify resources to rent virtual space. As such our thoughts are tuning to OpenSim, nothing new there of course but the clip below from Intel has got us thinking.

The movie demonstrates the progress in scaling the capabilities of the ScienceSim virtual world and features a collection of projects aimed at expanding the web to include interactive 3D applications.

ScienceSim is interesting and with the possibility of running several 1000 avatars on a server brings about interesting possibilities for virtual simulations.

For more information, see

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