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Experimental Indoor Positioning Service: Nokia Kamppi

Location is everything in terms of communicating data on our environment. GPS is all well and good but its not much use indoors or in urban canyons, as such the new experimental service by Nokia is interesting. The Nokia Kamppi trial is focused on about indoor positioning, and it is currently running at the Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki, Finland. Anyone inside the shopping center can access indoor maps, information and vouchers by going to using any mobile browser. The indoor positioning functionality, however, is only available on Nokia S60 devices equipped with Wireless LAN.

Key features:

* Unique indoor positioning capability for locating shops, restaurants and friends
* Option to share your location with friends by SMS (the SMS contains a link to the indoor map and details of your location)
* Ability to search for friends nearby and view their position on the map
* Easy access to Kamppi Shopping Center information and discount vouchers

Compatibility and system requirements

The actual trial takes place in Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki Finland, but anyone in the world can access the mobile site at

Such experiments are beginning to make us feel connected to the city - see our previous post on Connected to the World but not the City - things are changing, escpecially in light of the launch of Layar on Android phones.

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