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Visualising Geographic Data - Population by Lights

Visualising geographic information above and beyond the normal export from your favorite GIS package is often left as a mere after thought. We are just starting to look into using Adobe After Effects to liven up a slightly dry dataset - UK Population represented as a point per 200 people.

Its early days and we were unsure to publish this one or not but that's what a blog is all about so below is our first go at After Effects using lights to get across a picture of Britain's population:

Visualising Data: UK Population One Light per 200 People from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Add in some camera tracking, smooth out the moment, provide some labels beyond the standard iMovie fare and we might be onto something... (?) - The movie is best viewed fullscreen.

The slightly misjudged music is by a rather good unsigned band - Lemonade Joe.

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