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Agents in the City: First Steps to Crowd Based Architectual Modelling

Yesterday we posted about roads in 3d models and how small details begin to bring the 3d city to life. The same goes for pedestrians and modes of transport, in essence these objects populate the city and add a significant level of realism.

Crowd and transport simulation is at its roots down to 'Agents' or 'Objects' that are assigned a set of rules as to how to moves in relation to both the environment and other agents around them. 3D Studio Max has a built in 'Crowd and Delegate' system which can be used to assign behavior and therefore create realistic traffic of pedestrian systems in 3D space.

Our movie below displays our first tentative steps using the system to create an 'Ant Like' behavior on a surface:

Ok its far from a crowd in a city but the principle is there. We don't often put up 'early development' movies but this should be an interesting learning curve for anyone wanting to populate a 3D City. At the same time as using 3D Max we are also using Crysis for realtime agent based modelling, more on that a little later...

If you would like to know more about Agents take a look at - a blog written a mere two desks away from where we are currently sat...

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