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Architectural Visualisation - Neoscape Inc.

Another in our thread on featuring the best in Architectural Visualisation - this time featuring the newly released demo reel from Neoscape Inc.

Neoscape creates marketing materials and they do it well. Offering solutions through 3d renderings , 3d movies, ebooks and floorplans to custom branding the visualisation is all about presence and the 'i want it' factor.

We can't argue with the concept although its a million miles away from our work with local councils and communities - although to be honest it probably pays better...

Take a look at Neoscape's marketing for luxury condo's in New York:

Finally and as a late edit to this post see the movie below produced to help raise funds for the new William & Mary Mason School of Business.

The movie steps away from the New York marketing feel towards one of inspiration and the 'feel good' factor. We have always been fans of the 'plans on the table' type architecture movie and this is an example of how they should be done:

We will be featuring a closer look at the world of marketing and architecture in the coming weeks...

For more info on Neoscape Inc. take a look at their website.


  1. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Thanks for your kind words about our work!

    Rob MacLeod, Neoscape

  2. I particularly like the last one - I found the second one a little strange - visually interesting, but what was it trying to say?