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The Cytiex Project - 3D City Visualisation

The Cytiex project was first developed at the Polytechnic of San Sebastian aiming to develop techniques to visualise large urban areas in the short period of time yet with the highest possible fidelity in real-time.

The results so far can be viewed in two 9 minute long movies:

Cytiex Project Part 1

Cyteix Project Part 2

We are struggling to find out any more details of the project but as soon as we do they will feature in a future post.


  1. Some technical details & more screenshots are available on the open source 3d engine actually used for the project :

    which btw, is beginning to be widely used in this area :
    French city :
    3d city tour :
    City Generator :
    Another City Generator :

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM


    Thanks for that - i note its also in Pelican Crossing (Blink 3D)..

    I'll take a closer look and post some more details.

    Thanks a lot for the links - really useful.


  3. The model is actually of San Sebastian. The Google Map link of the area it concentrates on is,-1.978011&spn=0.013772,0.029182&t=k&z=15.

    The Hotel Amara Plaza is where the coaches to San Sebastian stop. I actually went through there a couple of days ago at 5 am on a 17 hour coach journey from Paris to Oviedo. Boring but true.