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SketchUp Futuristic/Fantasy/Modern Cities

SketchUp allows users from all walks of life the ability to build whatever they may wish and subsequently share the model with the world via the 3D Warehouse - a Google service that lets you search, share, and store 3D models.

As such it opens up the way to the creation of modern cities and fantasy architecture rather than the more traditional route of modelling real-world buildings for inclusion in Google Earth.

In a new series of posts we will be featuring models submitted to the 3D Warehouse - first up is 'Modern City' by a user known as jblsscad.

Music - IML Perfect Day.

The movie above features the model directly captured in real-time via SketchUp in firstly textured mode and then moving onto monochrome, highlighting the underlying geometry, before finally switching on the shadows.

A nice feature to add into the 3D Warehouse would be the ability to leave comments or messages for users - in a YouTube type manner - at the moment its difficult to track down any contact information for the users who created the models.

You can download the Modern City direct from the 3D Warehouse.

Start creating your own city by Downloading the free version of Google SketchUp.

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