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Photosynth - London Trafalgar Square

Photosynth is one of those applications that has the potential to change the way we view images and 3d models of our environment. By automatically linking images together in a spacial context each photograph becomes part of a three dimensional model. This not only allows ease of navigation and a better understanding of the geographic context of each image but also allows the rapid construction of three dimensional space.

Microsoft have just released another preview of Photosytnh, this time featuring Trafalgar Square in London. The YouTube movie below details our first navigation around the scene:

To gain a further insight into Photosynth it is worth taking 5 mintues to sit back and watch a presentation below by Blaise Aguera y Arcas:

Of note is the integration with Flickr and other photosharing sites - essentially allowing a global image base to be integrated within Photosynth. If you combine this with imagery via Microsoft's Virtual Earth - notably BirdsEye - then you begin to approach a new way to visualise image data in 3D space..

Try out the Tech Preview of Photosynth.

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