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The Sims Architecture - Building a House

Yesterday we looked at SimCity for the Nintendo DS and the ability to create a sprawling metropolis on the hand held console. Taking the concept further and moving it into suburbia is life simulation computer game The Sims. Created by game designer Will Wright, The Sims is the best selling game in PC history (Wiki - The Sims), and as is common nowadays comes with its own building tools to create your own in game architecture.

YouTube user chrispycrunchy86 has posted a series of videos detailing how to build a house in The Sims. The movie below illustrates the construction and architecture of House Type 1:

As with many game sandboxes the tools are easy to use and within a short time you are able to built a unique structure. In 2002 Maxis shipped The Sims Online, with an online chat system, custom avatars and the ability to build it could in some ways be compared to Second Life. Interestingly the game was not a success. In today's world of social networks and Wikinomics (see our book review) The Sims online may of been before its time...


  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hey that was really easy to build the architect and really was fun to watch.

    Imagine having fun and at the sametime building a unique architect.

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Here's a new render with crytek cryengine2 from imagetp:

    (left: cryengine / right: reality) for a next Las Vegas presentation, fournd here:

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    thats realy gd i enjoyed watching that

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I enjoyed your video. Very entertaining. One question: how did you get rid of the banisters on the stairs?

  5. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Really cool and interesting

  6. Anonymous2:01 AM

    how did you get rid of the banisters on the stairs??? can anyone tell me???? please!!!

  7. Anonymous1:48 PM

    That was cool and hard well i build alltime my own house :)