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How to Geotag Photographs on the Nokia N95 for Google My Maps and Flickr

Its taken a bit of time to work this one out but with a few simple steps you can capture geotagged photographs on your Nokia N95, upload to Flickr and then add them to Google's My Maps.

The process is simple:

Initial Set Up

1) First off go to - Shozu is freely available software that allows you to both geotag photographs on your N95 and upload to a number of online services, in our case Flickr.

Sign up with the site and select the Nokia N93 as your phone (the N95 is not yet listed). You will be asked to set up a user name and password as well as your mobile number. Once registered ShoZu will send a text along with a link to download the software. We downloaded via a Wi-Fi link to make sure we didn't incur any phone charges;

2) Install ShoZu on your N95 and login to your account using the username and password you set up. This will authenticate your account allowing you to log back into the web based service and set up a number of destinations to upload your photographs;

3) To enable uploading to Flickr go to the web page and selecting the 'Share It' tag. Now simply go through the process of allowing ShoZu the required rights to upload to your account.

This completes the set up ShoZu in terms of services, we now simply need to turn on GPS tagging;

4) Open ShoZu on your N95 and go to: Options/View and then the images tag which is indicated by a film strip icon. The 4th option is GPS Tagging, switch this to On.

Capturing and Uploading

1) Open either Nokias 'Maps' or the 'Sports Tracker' application and make sure you are getting a GPS fix, we use Sports Tracker as it allows us to additionally upload our route to Google Earth/Maps;

2) Start taking your pictures, with ShoZu installed each photograph will have a location tag written into its EXIF information.

3) Open ShoZu and select Share-It/All files, this will display a list of your photographs. Select the image your want to upload and click Options, this displays the choice to Send to Flickr. Select send and your image will be uploaded, again we uploaded via Wi-Fi to minimise any data charges.

Your images will now be available on your Flickr page and automatically geotagged. Within Flickr you can choose to view by map which opens a Yahoo Map page, we prefer Googles My Maps options:

1) At the bottom of your Flickr Photos page you will see a RSS Feed Icon and the Feed link - Right click on this link and copy the link location;

2) Login into your Google Maps account and paste the feed location into the search box - now add the following to the end of the paste '&georss=true' (without the ')

3) Running the search will display your photographs from the N95 on Google Maps via Flickr, to add them to My Maps simple click on each icon and choose 'Save to My Maps'

You can view our geotagged images from the Nokia N95 on our My Maps page.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I think it is a cool feature, but I don't know when can I afford for N95, in Poland they are very expensive. Nice job Mr. Andy

  2. This is very helpful, I just found the Shozu bit was slightly different on my UK bought T-Mobile N95.

    Open Shozu (Share It highlighted)
    Select Options
    Select Settings (My Account Highlighted)
    Select Options
    Select View
    Move cursor focus to the right tab (the one with the film strip image on it) using the right rocker switch
    Move down to the 4th item and turn Geotagging On

    Hope this helps your UK readers.

  3. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Thanks for your review of ShoZu :-)
    We're working on a special version for the N95 with a few cosmetic fixes and also the ability to automatically 'wake' the gps antenna without you having to load the Maps app in the background.

    Feel free to make use of our current Series 60v3 release though, if you can live with these little issues.


    Mark Jambas

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    your a legend .. cheers .. loving the new toy!

  5. The GPS is lock takes forever. I suppose they did not use the SIRF3 chipset. My TomTom bluetooth receiver and my Garmin 60Csx lock within seconds. Also the reception is really bad compared to SIRF3. Wonder why they would use old technology.

  6. flog, you might want to read this:
    it suggests that lock speed can be seriouslly improved with a little tweak.
    (disclaimer I dont know or own such a device to see if this is true)

  7. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Thanks for the update on this. Your effort in this post is fantastic. Gives me good direction how to do it. I will recommend your post to my readers.

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

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  9. Anonymous10:08 AM

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  10. When I get the sms en select the link i'll get redirected to, and the programm will not install. Are there more people whit the same problem.

  11. Anonymous9:31 AM

    At the bottom of your Flickr Photos page you will see a RSS Feed Icon and the Feed link - Right click on this link and copy the link location

    Cant find this link on my photos page, where on the page is it?

  12. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Strange, when I right click and save the rss link of my picture and paste it in de search box with georss=true (with results in Google tells me : "can't be shown because it contains mistakes.

    What the f* am I doing wrong?

  13. Hi,

    My GPS tags on the N95 contain a comma "," instead of a dot ".". When I upload with ShoZu to Flickr the tags get split.

    The result of this is that all my photo's get located at degrees and not the minutes and seconds.

    Does anyone know the solution?



  14. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work on other phones with external gps? If it's Shozu making those geotags and not N95...

  15. Anonymous2:28 PM

    "My GPS tags on the N95 contain a comma "," instead of a dot ".". When I upload with ShoZu to Flickr the tags get split."

    I have the same problem :-( So every picture is on the wrong place!

  16. Anonymous7:18 PM

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  17. Anonymous1:05 PM

    "My GPS tags on the N95 contain a comma "," instead of a dot ".". When I upload with ShoZu to Flickr the tags get split."

    I have found a work around. Change the phone language to english and it works. Please let me know if you know a better workaround.Karl

  18. Doesn't work for me. It just doesn't add the GPS tags.

  19. Pat - the RSS feed link is only at the bottom of "Your photos" (i.e. the first page with all your photos on it), not at the bottom of the page for each photo.

    Anonymous - it gave me the same error (can't be shown as it contains mistakes) until I successfully uploaded a photo with a geotag to flickr (makes sense - until then, the search for photos with georss=true would have turned up nothing)

    Simon (& Anon.) - worth reading phil's instructions, even if they're not perfect for you; you need to make sure you go into settings for shareit (in shozu) and make sure geotagging is turned on ... THEN, when taking the photo, make sure you have the GPS activated and with a lock (i find it easiest to just use GPS data, under tools)

    Ok! Now - Mr D Urban:

    I get all of that, get a successful search for a geotagged photo from my flickr account in google maps, but can't for the life of me work out how to save them into my maps! I can't seem to bring up an option to 'save to my maps', only the standard 'add placemark', etc.

    Any hints? Pretty please? :)

  20. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Hi Gang,

    A couple of things that may help. Make sure that you have the "Import EXIF location data" option turned on in Flickr first (it's off by default).

    Second, the &georss=1 option gives you your RSS feed and if any of the photo have geo data in that'll get added to the RSS feed. Use this instead ...

    (using your ID that you get from the RSS feed instead).

    ...That gets you your 20 most recent geotagged photos, and just the geotagged ones.

    You can also use... load them into Google Earth.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Thanks for showing the 'way'. When I display my geotagged pics in google maps in the way you described (N95, shozu, flickr etc) I do not have the option to then save that place+pic in googlemaps's "My Maps". if I right click the placeholder it does not give me the option to "save to my maps". Any suggestions?

  22. try is a geotag website that works in n95 and on other java cellphone.
    you can download the software after the signup and start to upload your pictures.
    You can also download the software directly from your cellphone


  23. Hi
    Great post, thanks for writing this. I noticed that when I use Sports Tracker, even if there is a satellite connection, the photos do not get tagged with geo information. They only get tagged when I am using the Nokia GPS application. Has anyone else seen this?
    Thank you

  24. Anonymous4:56 AM

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  28. Great tutorial, thanks! Shozu works great on my N95 now. Still have to try to add my geotagged pics to google. Why oh why doesn't Nokia geotag the pics natively? 'twould be so cool. Oh and I'm happy with the GPS on my N95, it's fast enough for me and at least accurate enough to show the right street, which is all I need.

  29. Anonymous6:13 PM

    nice guide!

  30. Anonymous4:56 PM


  31. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Are you sure that ShoZu puts GPS information in EXIF? I've checked your example images and they does not have it GPS tags.

  32. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Thanks for great instruction! it works great, but I only get the 20 most recent geotagged photos into google maps with the rss feed. You know how I can get the older ones as well?

  33. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Nokia have now released a software program that geotags photos, writing the location to the EXIF header:

  34. Anonymous11:41 PM

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