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Collaborative/Multi-User Google Earth

Last month we reported on and their release of an interesting application that links Skype with Google Earth. Linking the two you are able to share Google Earth locations, and therefore collaboratively browse the globe, while talking as per normal via Skype - the linking of Skype and Google Earth is illustrated in the YouTube movie below:

In an update they have now made the application, and thus Google Earth, both collaborative and multi-user with avatar based representation of users. At the moment the avatars doe not move in realtime due to the Google API, but they still allow that important social/avatar linkage to communication.

What maybe more significant is the ability to share models in realtime. If, for example, i am an architect in London communicating to a client in New York we can login to Google Earth via Unype and the client will see on their machines any models that i load into Google Earth.

Its not quite Second Life in Google Earth but its getting there...

Visit Unype to download the application..

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