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Sketch Drawing Primrose Hill London

Sometimes panoramas just dont work, despite carrying your kit on a hot summers day to the top of one of London's best views the output is just not quite right. So the panorama that was going to be featured here of Primrose Hill failed, however due to the lighting conditions it did lend itself to a few Photoshop filters aimed at creating a sketch view of the skyline.

Obtaining sketches of the London skyline is not easy yet, in our view at least, they would make a highly desirable framed print on our office wall. Which is why we are providing the full size version of the Sketch of Primrose Hill London at 2894 x 701 pixels for download.

If you like it let us know... come to think of it let us know if you dont like it as well..


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Hi, I love your panoramas. Have you ever tried making long panoramas, like the San Francisco Seamless City project, or "Photographing long scenes with multi-viewpoint panoramas" ( , SIGGRAPH 2006)?

  2. Hi - we have actually. Thanks for the link, thats a very interesting way around the problem of planar panoramas.

    We have our own solution which fingers crossed will be released in approx 4 weeks time (start of September)...