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Global and Local Data - Representing Geography in Second Life

The end of our third day colonising the skies above Second Nature Island in Second Life and we now have a number ways to visualise both local, city and global data sets.

Pictured above are two datasets for London complete with a key and information point which when clicked display additional background information on the data provided. While early days it does lend itself to a simple representation of data sets within the collaborative environment which is Second Life.

There are now six 'Urban Bubbles' on Second Nature Island, each with a staircase leading to a viewing platform. These panoramic spheres provide a quick way to visualise local locations, data points can be subsequently mapped inside the scenes to access any relevant information.

Finally pictured above we have Global Gross Domestic Product mapped onto a globe. Using an alpha map along with fake shadows on the display table it makes for a simple but visually compelling way to look at global data sets. We hope to add various layers to the globe over the coming weeks.

Drop in and see us in Second Life - Nature/232/169/116

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