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Geodemographic Data in Second Life

Day 2 on Second Nature Island in Second Life and looking into ways to import map data into the virtual environment.

Pictured above is the Output Area Classification for London (see the OAC user group for more info on the data). Second Life works remarkably well for importing representations of geography, indeed it is looking like it would be useful in the class room environment.

As yet there are not any real-time shadow's in Second Life so the only option is to 'bake' textures in 3D Max and import them back into the world, our first attempt is pictured above.

If you have Second Life installed and would like to pop by to see what we are up to then you can visit our evolving cityscape by clicking on our SLURL... that's a Second Life Uniform Resource Locator or Second Life URL:

Visit us in Second Life - Nature/233/159/116

The blog will get back to normal in a few days with more architectural visualisation posts and our HDR tutorial. We are aware it been rather 'Second Life' heavy this week but the environment holds distinct potential and one that if you haven't already is well worth a look.

You can read more about the build so far at Joanna's Nature Network Blog.

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