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Book of the Week - Google Sketchup for Dummies

As readers may know we are big fans of SketchUp, firstly for being available in a largely fully functional free version and secondly for being so refreshingly easy to use.

Despite SketchUp's ease of use it does take a while to fully appreciate its range of toolsets and how best to use them. While we normally shy away from the 'For Dummies' books, Google SketchUp for Dummies is generally useful.

Written by Aidan Chopra it fully embraces Web 2.0, intergrating 62 'how to' movies on YouTube.

Embedded below is a sample detailing Googe SketchUp's photo modelling function. Running at over 6 minutes the tutorial is both effective and informative:

Combining the book with the YouTube movies gives you everything you need to master SketchUp and refine your workflow.

You can buy the book from our Amazon Shop for $14.99 (discounted from $24.99) and the full set of movies are available to watch via Aidans YouTube page. We really cannot recommend this enough, how refreshing is it to see 62 tutorials online free of charge?

For more info see

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