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Google MyMaps and Flickr - Save Removed?

In our tutorial on 'How to GeoTag Photographs on the Nokia N95 for Google MyMaps and Flickr' we provide a walk through of how to view your geotagged images in Google MyMaps.

It seems however that the option to 'Save to MyMaps' has been removed by Google for Flickr images which leaves only the ability to view via an RSS feed.

The main strength of MyMaps is the ability to integrate geotagged media quickly and easily- if anyone knows why the 'Save' option no longer works with Flickr feeds feel free to drop us an email or post a comment. As such the tutorial still stands true up until the 'to add them to My Maps simple click on each icon and choose 'Save to My Maps' section.

You can view how to it used to work via our geotagged images from the Nokia N95 on our My Maps page.

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