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Architectural Visualisation - Designhive's Snowhill

Architectural visualisation is entering a new era, no longer are we subjected to the 90's cliche of hot air balloons and Utopian city visions. While still basically marketing ploy's the level of professionalism has dramatically increased recently.

Yesterday we looked at the Bradford Centre Regeneration by Squint/Opera with the theme of building components flying around the scene to represent change. This is becoming a common theme in urban visualisation and one that to be honest we can't help but like.

The move below is by Designhive, another London based visualisation company which works independently for architects, urban masterplanners, interior designers and developers producing realistic and inspiring visions of future built environments. Their movie of the Snowhill development in Birmingham uses the building component transition to good effect:

Planned to be a 21 story hotel with 180 bedrooms with a 16,000sq ft conference centre the movie does a good job of making the development look dynamic and one that requires planning permission - the basic premise of a good urban visualisation.

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