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Architectural Visualisation - Bradford Regneration

Regeneration these day's is often a byword for selling off prime real estate and pricing people out of the area - which is why many regeneration projects don't really want to give people a free and open say on proposals.

However, when it is done right it can lead to opportunities for innovative visualisation and Squint/Opera, a company based in Battersea, London are currently one of the lead players in the visualisation market.

A common theme in many architectural visualisation's today is having building components fly around the scene to represent change - the movie below,
commissioned by Bradford Centre Regeneration to present the realisation of Will Alsop's 2003 Masterplan, provides a good example of this technique.

To provide context 'A lone street sweeper inadvertently wakes the sleeping city, setting in motion a spectacular sequence of transformations':

The projects featured are either under construction or at the planning stage. The film was created to appeal to both the general public and to potential investors.

We hope to feature some more of Squint/Opera's visualisations and some more info on the company in future posts.

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