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The Geospatial Industry in 2015: Summary and 35 Papers from the AGI

The geospatial information (GI) industry is undergoing radical change. Stimulated by a range of new global challenges, the balance of power between existing and new players is shifting. UK Government policy is also undergoing transformation with the publication of the UK Location Strategy, the transposition of the INSPIRE Directive into UK law, the passing of the M
arine & Coastal Access Bill and plans to change the business model of Ordnance Survey. The economic strictures, under which the public and private sectors will need to operate, as we attempt to handle enormous public debt, are also certain to drive changes in behaviour.

There can be little doubt that in 5 years the industry will look very different. Over the past year the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) has been exploring the future of the geospatial industry in the UK in the first public foresight project of this kind. Edited by Andrew Coote, Steven Feldman and Robin McLaren, The Geospatial Industry in 2015, has a medium-term horizon five years hence.

In seeking diverse points of view, the study invited industry opinion formers to contribute Expert Papers in their particular field, covering data and technology, vertical market sectors and policy drivers.

This is an extremely useful document for anyone interested in geo-spatial issues. You can read the summary (4Mb pdf) as well as the full 10 papers on policy, 13 papers on markets and 12 papers on data and technology, including our own on augmented reality.

Its quite a resource...

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  1. Thank you Andrew

    It was also quite a lot more work than we anticipated, good to hear you think it was worthwhile.