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Want to Write for Digital Urban?

Digital Urban has until now been pretty much a one man show and as much as we would like to have four or five posts a day pressures of work are increasingly getting in the way.

As such we thought, having gathered a notable readership, we would put out a call if any of you would like to write for the blog? We are looking for talented writers who love all stuff urban and digital, from CAD to panoramas through to timelapses and digital photography.

Does that sound like you? Do you log into digital urban each day to read the latest developments? If so here is what you need to do:


Send us to two sample posts in a digital urban style, they can be about anything you want but need to be your own work. We wont use any of the samples here, it will just allow us to see if you have what we are looking for.

About You

A few words about yourself, contact info and how much time you can commit to writing posts. This is an unpaid gig, but hopefully having written for digital urban on your CV can only be a good thing...

Still interested? Then get in touch via the email on the Contact Us page.


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Not to try and dissuade you from your decision, but I have ended up unfollowing every other blog that has made this decision, some after many years of loyal readership..

    Its not that i disagree with the idea in general, its just that a blog is such an individualistic expression that it ruins the atmosphere when too many voices are involved..

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    oh.. and if you are worried about your post count?? don't be.. not everybody wants a firehose pointed at them.

  3. Its been a tricky choice to put out the call for writers as i do agree with the individual. I myself have left a few blogs that grew too large and eventually become a lost voice.

    I do tend to worry however that days of missed posts due to endless meetings this side will mean a loss of readers so the 3 years hard work and 1400 or so posts could be wasted.

    I will have a think but thanks for the kind thoughts so far...

    Any other thoughts on if the call is a bad idea would be great!

  4. Have considered a consolidation of sites? To have digital urban with say Cyark as part of a larger repository of digital writings and posts. Cyark` are into digital "villages" related but specific to hsitorical sites. What if Digital urban and Cyark and so many other sites were just a "newspaper" section of a larger digital site, so your section on urbanity remains individualistic, but there are more writers dealing with their specifics of digitalization in the other "sections"

    Ive seen some software that allows blogs to be recompiled into a magazine, separate sources, one mag. Could a similar technique, separate posts, one website "mashup" all related to 3D visualization?

    Maybe put the call out to "guest writers". Ask someone specific every week to write a blurb. That way the work is psread out, the blurbs take a smaller commitment and the topics are fresh every week. You control the editorial focus by requesting the blurb from your choice of invited guests ....

  5. Well, I think is a matter of relevance over quantity.
    I do log into digital urban each day (actually google reader) and wouldn´t have any complaints about the post count going down as long as the relevance stays the same. I mean, it would be disappointing seeing daily posts with cad tips, pointless releases of launch of new version of software without analysing what they can do in the "digital urban" point of view, and so on.

    I think Gam´s suggestion worth a try because of the less commitment involved. People are more likely to write one good post about a topic than blabbering twice a week at the risk of losing focus.

    Last thought, the 1400 posts wouldn´t be in vain even if the blog ended today. It´s a great job.

  6. "... of software without analyZing what they can..." - I know that there are more mistakes, but misspelling can be avoided with google...

  7. A call for guest writers is a good idea as i am keen for the blog not to slip into the 'printing hyped press releases/ cad tips' type style.

    I do feel its time to widen its remit somehow though - we have a du 'MSc/MRes' course on the cards at UCL which is exciting, but more on that in later posts.

    Must get on with the du book as well - perhaps with contributions from the guest writers (?).

    If only there were more hours in the day....

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