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CityScape 1.6 from PixelActive: Movies Update

CityScape is an urban modeling tool that allows users to build both custom and real-world environments quickly and easily. The focus of the modeler is on allowing developers to concentrate on design rather than the labor involved in creation.

Of note is its support for Max/Maya via COLLADA opening up the possibility for rapid city building - embeded below is the demo movie we quickly created for use in our talk at the AAG last week on '
Agents in the City: Modeling and Visualizing Emergent Phenomena' in association with

CityScape: by PixelActive - Real-time Traffic Modeling from Andrew Crooks on Vimeo.

Of equal note is the movie below created by a reader going by the name of 2metri on YouTube, after our original post on CityScape:

The movie above took under 20 minutes to complete, in short - CityScape has got huge potential...

You can download the demo via PixelActive,


  1. Hi Andrew,

    The video you made looks great. What software/hardware were you using to capture the video with? We're looking into various solutions now and you're capture looks pretty clean.



  2. Hi,

    I was hoping to use FRAPS but sadly it wouldn't work - i found Hypercam to be the best solution. All the other options such a Camtasia i tried dropped framerates too much. So in short, Hypercam running on a bog standard Dell.