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3D Urbanism: Multidisciplinary Realtime Quantitative Simulation

Ultimately designers aim is to achieve an integrated environment where - during the design process, including the early stages – the designer can generate a three-dimensional geometrical design, set up inter-related analysis and optimisation routines and receive meaningful feedback in realtime.

The movie below by ARUP is slightly 'dry' but it is worth a look as the concept is actually quite innovative:

3D Urbanism: multidisciplinary Realtime quantitative simulation from alvise on Vimeo.

3D Urbanism is a research project from ARUP aiming at bringing discreet quantitative analytical solutions (urban design, moving vehicles, moving people, acoustics, lighting and climate) into a unified Realtime interactive environment to demonstrate performance based design to designer, client and city planner....


  1. Its just amazing! I was working on quantitative analysis of lighting with SketchUp+GIS, but what I see here- simultaneous visualisation of all physical factors in 3d- plus mentioned in your description 'realtime optimization' gives ARUPs tool a serious useful meaning. Thanks for sharing that!

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  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Does anyone know what software they used to generate this?

    Sean Doughtie

  4. I am almost sure that the software is their own product