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Wiki Architecture: Open Source Architecture - The White House

Open Source White House Redux (HD) from arch1k on Vimeo.

The movies above and below are part of a collaboration project investigating ways in which the open source can influence architectural design. The project aims to collectively develop an alternate building to the current White House in Washington D.C. Perhaps more importantly, this is an Architectural free-for-all where everyone can collaborate, borrow, and contribute, regardless of one's abilities.

Open Source White House Redux from arch1k on Vimeo.

The project states that

Analogously, the concept of Source Code is readily found in the everyday practice of architecture in forms of drawings, agendas, documentations, ideas, specifications, and material libraries. However, none of the above, with the seldom exception of ‘ideas’, are freely redistributable, publicized, or allow for criticism and input akin to what an open-source model offers. The architectural practice, today, is skewed towards personal benefit and gratification of individual architects. Thus, the laws protect creative property, on one hand, but are constricting and oppose collaborative creativity that could contribute more rapidly to architectural theory and practice.

Moreover, architectural practice could benefit greatly from the transparency of process that open-source module employs. If the design processes, planning, and the general production sequence from design to construction were observable, architects would take on pedagogical role as well. That is especially important in architecture, where training is not a straight forward process.

It an interesting concept and one that we applaud - take a look at for full details and how to take part.

Also take a look at our posts on Wikitecture - a similar idea taking place in Second Life.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this article! I'm very glad that this project is gaining attention in the architectural community, and hope more collaborative efforts are going to come in the future.
    I wanted to point out that our project is still maturing and we welcome everyone to take a look and hopefully participate in it. Registration is very quick, painless, and gives you the keys to it all.