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Synthetic Space Visualisation

Visualising architecture and space does not always have to to be the normal street based flythroughs with nice renders. Commercial companies for obvious reasons do not always have the time to spend developing abstract visualisations which is why its sometimes refreshing to take a look at up and coming visualisers before they get tied into coporate life.

Rammy Elsaadany is a student on Graduate Diploma in Architecture at the Barlett, University College London. Using a mix of 3D max and After Effects he has produced the following visualisation entitled 'Synthetic Space'.

Rammy states that 'Synthetic space is a journey through different ways of reading a generic city. The information stored in reading the city subsequently manifests itself as a new form of architecture'.

Interestingly the city makes use of the 'Greeble' plugin - part two of that tutorial is on this afternoon's list of things to do...

It is worth checking out Rammy's Parallel Realities short film on YouTube as well.

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