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London Live Weather Data

Its taken a bit of time but our live weather data from the roof of CASA towers here in Central London is now back up and running.
Complete with its own dedicated server the weather data is now available 24/7 and should form part of a wider network to create a 3D view of London's urban heat island in Google Earth (more on that in coming months).

View Live Weather Data from London (data uploads every 3 seconds)


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Would love to know more about the hardware and development that got you here... I'm an architect working on a project that will be monitoring energy use and this is exactly the kind of interface I've been dreaming of.

  2. Pity it was too late for the alleged 80mph winds...

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I know we missed the big storm due to 'health and safety' needing various forms signed to get up on the roof.

    Rob - the hardware is a Davis Vantage Pro linked to a PC and Weather Display, drop me a email if we can help in anyway.

    The use of weather stations built into sustainable architecture would make an interesting network.

  4. cool - we are just round the corner at fitzroy square but i have been using a weather station over at city airport. Is it ok for me to use this source for a foyer display we are creating at Arup (part of an energy information display). I would want to poll every 30 minutes. There are plans to get our own networked weather station but this is still work in progress...

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Sure - let me know when its up and running it would be nice to take a look :)