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Architectural Visualisation - Garden's By The Bay, Singapore Waterfront

Squint Opera come across as one of those companies you want to work for, their output is constantly inspiring and to a standard that few other visualisation houses can match.

Embedded below is their short movie visualising 'Garden's by the Bay', a Masterplan for Singapore's Waterfront: provide a good overview of the scheme - The Gardens by the Bay Master Plan Design Competition was launched by the National Parks Board on 20 January 2006 to invite landscape architects, architects and planners to conceptualise and create Singapore’s three iconic Gardens on 101 ha of prime land by the waterfront.

In sep 06, 2006, two design teams were named as joint winners of the Competition. They are: 1) Grant Ass., Wilkinson Eyre Arch., Atelier One, Atelier Ten, Land Design Studios, Meinhardt Infrastructure Pte Ltd, Davis Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte Ltd; 2) Gustafson Porter, Ove Arup, Davis Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte Ltd. The film by squint/opera shows the development of the design ideas behind the winning entry (Grant Associates).

YouTube is a place where to post is to be flamed but this movie has attracted comments such as 'i am also a cg animator and this is one of the greatest i've ever seen' - impressive indeed.

Take a look at Squint Opera's site for more info.

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    Thanks for the link...

    fooch(from squint)