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Union Square San Francisco - Panorama and Make Your Own Cube

We are off to Santa Barbara next week for a conference on Complex Systems and Agent Based Modelling before going onto the AAG at San Francisco.

We will be packing our panorama kit but in the mean time pictured above is one of Union Square i prepared earlier...

View the Quicktime panorama of the Union Square San Francisco (2.5mb).

You can also print a cubic version of the panorama to cut out and keep. Simply fold along the edges and glue to create your own 360x180 view of Union Square:

Download the PDF and Cut Out. (4.9mb).


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Unfolded cubes are nice to play with. Here's another unfolded cube, but this one is still interactive! Click and drag to change the view.

  2. There are many people in the world who are able to produce panoramic photos.
    I really like those cubes, it's fun to hold these in your hands and turn around. Maybe it would be an interesting project to collect worldwide made panoramic pictures and turn them in cubes like these.
    Where i live: template of pyramid on Flickr.