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Skopje 2014 Visualisation

The clip below details a visualisation of municipality of Skopje (Macedonia) in 2014.

The St. Konstantin and Elena church and Alexa nder the Great monument are part of the Skopje 2014 project which envisages the transformation of the central district of the city:

The visualisation is in stark contrast to the most of the renders and animations we feature here on du and in many ways that is a good thing, indeed by the end of the clip with the rousing music we were quite getting into it. That said, we cant comment on the soundness of the plan - take a look at Macedonia: Online Rebellion Against “Skopje 2014″ Plan for full details on the reaction so far.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Wow. Why not add a Colliseum and and an Eifel Tower? When you see the aging buses, smell the smog, and see the low standard of living, you wonder if the 200Mio Euros that this megalomaniac fever dream costs could not be spent more wisely.

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Good job! Thanks for linking the video!
    Except for the arch, everything else looks great.
    Skopje is finally getting the long awaited facelift.


  3. Anonymous11:20 PM

    hey add a few pyramids and a u.f.o. landing strip!

  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    this is F***ing stupid i hate skopje 2014 its noly makin it worse :S some people dont have money for food health home school and now this OMG!!!

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    When you do not have your identity, you make it!

  6. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I believe that a city needs public art but the proposed art and architecture seems derivative and the city could use the money better towards things like a modern transit system replacing the old diesel buses, repairing old cracked avenues, installing more public gardens etc.. Old style art is great when the art is actually old. This would just be duplicating old styles of art, which makes the whole effort just sad. It's not Paris to have a faux Arc de Triomphe etc.. What about modern art that really engages its citizenry? I love Skopje and am sad to see this wrong step and waaay too many sculptures!

  7. Anonymous5:46 AM

    The “Skopje 2014″ project is the greatest idea imagined by the Macedonian government. This country is on the rise in all aspects, economy, transportation, health care, education, etc. It is a much needed facelift that will continue to drive businesses and tourists to Macedonia. This ingenius project was long overdue and they must extend it to the entire country. Macedonia is a newly independent country but has a rich history and must present and preserve it to the world. Any Greeks on this site should be worried about the state of their country and not meddle with Macedonia!!
    A Canadian Friend

  8. Anonymous6:54 AM

    The Macedonians should be proud of Skopje 2014. It creates a timeless city which will invite lots of tourists. The 200 million dollar is a relatively small investment if you take the long term benefits in consideration. Greetings from Ljouwert, Frisia.

  9. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I like the idea of rejuvenating a lost Skopje - reflective of the 1960’s earthquake that destroyed most of the city and by extension its charm. I presume the hope is that the vast and quite fast project acts as a type of catalyst to draw in tourism and attract more foreign investment, by foreigners asking, ‘hey they’re really looking quite serious toward the development of the country, maybe then we should look into it.’ Hence (from my quick research) the Marriot hotel beginning construction, an Austrian Firm building Soravia resort in Skopje, Chevahir group (Turkish) planning on building a large landmark (3 30+ story residential towers), an Israeli firm eagerly wanting to build a large shopping complex, these just to name a few planned investment as a result of the 2014 project. Also, we must consider the construction and labouring jobs that will follow such a project, and with future planned developments, it will act to stimulate more jobs, create more income etc. I reckon this is not bad for a small Balkan country – the cost might be much in the short term but in the longer term the potential benefits may be quite significant. It's all about risk and return, if you want the return you sometimes have to take the risk - unfortunately that's how the capitalist system works.

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    For those of you, who think the project is great, let me tell you the the orthopedic surgeon in Macedonia earns about $10 000 per year!! That s how you can find many for statues!! They will never make our life better

  11. Anonymous11:59 AM


  12. Anonymous9:01 PM

    This project is not funny but very, very sad...

  13. Anonymous12:44 AM

    You have to make a 'hotspot' 4 every country! This is a bould step into a project of that kind! Is it gouing to work for us? Lets see it finished walk and breathe it every day and will talk! All other 'comunist' children-step back in the meantime!

  14. Anonymous11:11 AM

    For all those who complain the money should go to the hungry as it's being wasted: this is investing for those people, these projects develop tourism and bring in money, it strengthens a national identity, it changes the atmosphere of an otherwise depressive people and looks towards the future. For once, when you go to Skopje you’ll know you are actually in Macedonia. If you think Berlin, London, Paris and countless of other cities cared about the poor when they created grandness, you are delusional. But look at them now. Stop your narrow mindedness; you’ll be the first ones taking a photo next time you’re there in front of these creations and at least, you’ll have something to take a photo of.

  15. Anonymous4:37 PM