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Processing: A 3D City in One Minute

We have featured the students work as part of the The Master of Advanced Studies in CAAD at ETH in Zurich quite a lot recently and we are quite fastidious as to what goes on the blog. It goes to show the quality of the output.

The following example by Jakob Przybylo, Min-Chieh Chen and Michele Leidi is a typical - this time creating a city using processing:

Processing City - Sandy City (Trailer) from mjchen on Vimeo.

The clip below provides an insight into the process:

Processing City - Sandy City (HD version) from mjchen on Vimeo.

Being able to create a city in one minute - using their processing application is impressive, it also allows output via .dxf, as such it can be imported into any number of rendering/modelling packages.

No word yet on a wider release, but it would be good to see if this could be made available....

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