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Oblivion in Crysis Engine

We have worked in both the Oblivion and Crysis Engines and the movies below represents an interesting crossing of worlds - Oblivion running in Crysis:

The work was only a proof on concept but still fell foul of copyright - see here for full details. As a proof of concept its an impressive one and again shows the power of Crysis for visualisation.


  1. That's the LOLest video I've ever seen!

    Is it a rendered animaiton or it's just a "live" running through a oblivion world rendered live with crysis?

    Hope I had some crysis engine into my archiCAD... :)

  2. Its a live flythrough of Oblivion in Crysis :)

  3. Anonymous11:07 PM

    It is indeed a nice video however the comment by another poster that it's only a copy-right violation if you're making money from it sadly shows the public at large's ignorance of copyright. Bethesda very much has the right to control copies of it's work* as well as derivatives (which this video is) of it's work. Long story short people respect the rights of others les your rights come into peril (you may be a creator some day).

    *Within the boundaries of the law.

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    have you seen this?
    "SketchUp directly to SandBox2"