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Extruding a City: Greeble is not just for SciFi

When using 'Greeble' techniques it is all to easy to slip into 'Futuristic City' mode - as our part one tutorial on using Greeble to create a city illustrates. There is nothing wrong with this of course, using 'Fantasy Cities' gets around many issues relating to copyright and allows various visualisation techniques to be tested out on a large urban scene.

Greeble is however much more than a 'SciFi' tool, it allows you to quickly and easily create a city - the second part of our next tutorial will provide full details. used Greeble to extrude their CITY OF LEGACY, CITY OF PROPHESY project:

Inspired by the promise of a new civic lifestyle on the Arabian Gulf, the Madinat Al Hareer (City of Silk) brings all the environmental, commercial, cultural, leisure and civic aspirations to a new location in the Arab World.

Three hearts and a centrepiece — business, culture, leisure, surrounding a new National Park and Wildlife Reserve, all enfronting the Bay, River and Gulf. Connected to Kuwait City by a new Bay-Bridge, joining with the new Arabian Bay Port, and anticipating a new International Airport, this city is planned to accommodate nearly 700,000 people and create nearly 430,000 new jobs. An emerald necklace of lakes and parks, like ribbons of silk, intertwine and weave each of the 25 neighbourhoods together into one cohesive city. is well worth a look, especially under their 'Projects' section for a variety of visualisations and architectural presentations.

Thanks go to Simon for letting us know about the city of silk visualisation.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I am working on creating a city for a night scene the only problem I have is how to have lights in windows stand out without using mentalray vray or max matter I just need to know how to do it with lights material editor and or videopost lens affect glow,like the effect of the USS Enterprise in deep space with it's many windows lit up
    feel free to contact me at