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Iconic London Image - Geographic London Underground and 3D Buildings Update

Another update on progress with regards our 3D London Underground map.

The main map is complete providing a top down view of the actual geographic location of the London Underground Network. At the moment we are working on ways to give it a alpha channel and overlay on Google Maps, a Google Earth version is also in the pipeline.

If you give the map a slight tilt and add various 3D buildings of London then the map takes on a more iconic view of London:

The final part of the update was adding in all the underground stations names as 3D text allowing for a higher resolution render:

Embedded below is the iconic view of London rendered at 10000x5000 pixels and displayed via Google Maps using our Google Image Cutter Software:

Double click to zoom in or use the slider bar and drag to pan:

You can also view this full screen (recommended).

If people would be interested as using this as wallpaper then let us know and we'll render out various resolutions..


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Are those buildings to scale?

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Good question - we thought they were as they were imported via our main Virtual London model but now we are not too sure looking at it...

    We will check and get back with some info..


  3. wow, this is great. I'd love this as a wallpaper. Res: 1280 by 800. Good work guys.

  4. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Outstanding work - love it!

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Definitely think wallpaper would be good - and covering as much as the network as possible!
    Also, the higher the resolution, the easier it will be to 'cut out' bits of it & still have a good background.

  6. Oh no...

    Balham's fallen off the edge!

  7. Oh no...

    Balham's fallen off the edge!