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Crysis Engine Level Editior - Rapid Level Modification

Over the last few months we have taken a couple of looks at the forthcoming game Crysis using the CryEngine 2 for architectural visualisation.

The movie below provides a quick recap on the quality and realtime lighting:

Of interest for urban visualisation is the level editor which is detailed in the next movie embedded below. If you get through the first minute or so it provides a good insight into the capabilities of the engine:

Although the movie is focused on game editing it is equally applicable to architectural visualisation, especially with the realtime shadows and lighting.

If your interested in using game engines for visualisation take a look at our two part Oblivion Tutorial. Oblivion is still the easiest engine to import into, the following movie was the result of less than one hours work:

For those interested we are currently building the same model in Second Life - see our previous posts for the location, feel free to pop along to check on progress.


  1. That's seems incredible.

    I'm also waiting the SDK for Stalker, which seems to have nice capabilites in term of real time shadows

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Very impressive. Does anoyone have more information on the level editor that they've used? I'm always looking for the shortest route from 3ds max to in-game, and if importing models is as easy as when using oblivion for modding... This could make GI-renderers for architectural animation obselete.