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BubbleScope - Instant Panoramas

The ability to add a 'one shot' panoramic lens to a digital camera has been around for a while and although the combination works it is unwieldy to carry around. Bubblescope have taken the 'One Shot' lens method and built a camera around it - resulting in world’s first standalone, single-shot panoramic digital camera for capturing experiences as 360º x 104º. Using BubbleScope® 1.0 software on a PC and Mac the resulting images can be converted to QTVR movies.

Bubblescope does seem to be to the simple solution for one click panoramas. The resolution maybe low(ish) and the rig doesn't compete with traditional giga pixel panoramas made with multiple images but for being out and about it captures the world in 360 degrees.

To be honest we want one!

Take a look at the BubbleScope website for more info, the camera will be available to order shortly..


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Hi Andy,
    When I saw this entry with RSS, I was interested, and I saw the official site at once.
    How compact it is!
    It is in it and the oneshot system's having combined with the camera has the advantage.

    I'd like to introduce it in my weblog "QTVR Diary" later.

    The price might be how much. If it is 150 pounds or less, I'll buy it at once.
    I worry very much if it is 250 pounds or more.

    Because Kaidan 360OneVR that I was usually using crashed the other day, and the done commodity just reached additional purchase last week.

  2. Ah, but can you publish it into Google Maps?

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    The product is about as compact as we can make it. It stands at 220mm tall and the diameter of the mirror is 36mm. Given the current mirror system, it's difficult to get smaller without heavily compromising image quality. We anticipate a sales retail price of around £150. As for being able to publish straight to Google maps... having seen Andy's introduction to publishing panorama's into Google Earth I see no reason why not. I'll keep you all posted with further developments and will be sure to send Andy a sample to review as soon as we get our first production run.

  4. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Nice product, but seems however that other brands are in the race. Example with Giroptic, from France:

    Now... look like the race is not on the concept anymore, but on who'll be the first to reach the consumer market and dominate the webmarketing around it ;)