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Google Earth Panoramic Sphere - Hoover Tower, Stanford Campus

Another in the series of Google Earth Panoramic Spheres - this time featuring a panorama of the Hoover Tower, Stanford by Scott Haefner. Scott used our viewer to embed a kite based aerial panorama above the tower at Stanford.

The movie below demonstrates the principle of the viewer as well as providing an insight into how it can be used:

The Hoover Tower serves as a landmark of Stanford University to faculty, students, alumni and the local community. Completed in 1941 to celebrate the university's 50th anniversary, the 285-foot structure offers superb views of Stanford and the Bay Area from its observation deck. Atop Hoover Tower is a carillon of 48 bells cast in Belgium. The largest bell is inscribed, "For Peace Alone Do I Ring."

Take a look at Scott's site for the KMZ file of the Hoover Tower.

Music - IML Perfect Day.

If you would like to make your own Google Earth Panoramic Sphere then feel free to Follow our Tutorial which includes examples files and a walk through on making your first sphere.


  1. Hi, Very nice pano from a kite. I'm making only ground panoramas. Where can I download the music from this movie ? or what is the title?

  2. I forget to mention, I would like to make my own sphere from my existing panoramas, but I'm waiting for more detailed map images from Google, because current images of my town are s**t. I think I;ll wait a long time because it is a small town in Poland.
    Actually whole Poland is very less detailed, only few cities have high resolution. It seens that google don't like us :(

  3. Anonymous8:24 AM

    dawid - i will look up the music Monday and update the post :)