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Modelling Newham - A First Look

At the moment the Virtual London team at CASA is busy working on a model of Newham high street for the local council.

We have already modelled London out to the M25 in both ArcScene and Google Earth, the challenge has been how to quickly take sections of the model and add in detail. Using a combination of LIDAR and ground based photography we have produced a work flow whereby we can now ensure height accuracy and begin to derive roof shapes.

The common route is of course over lapping stereo pairs to produce such models, but while this is a proven methodology it has known flaws. Hopefully, our method will ensure low cost modelling complete with facade details.

The movie is our first test output, detailing firstly a hidden line view and then moving on to the photo details. Further movies will follow in the coming weeks, at the moment this is good first look at hopefully where we are going with the model.

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