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Digital Urban Journal (?)

As technology moves at an ever increasing pace traditional paper based academic journals are failing to keep up. With over a 12 month waiting time to be published in the best journals, such as Environment and Planning B which is based here in CASA, by the time the paper comes out it is often out of date.

A prime example of this is the latest 3D Modelling/Google Earth research. With API's changing on an almost monthly basis and new tools emerging all the time any paper reviewing the state of the art needs to published quickly and publications such as EPB or Computers and Environmental Systems simply cannot address this need.

Therefore we are thinking to resurrect the previous Online Journal at CASA - known as the 'Online Planning Journal'. It ran for 3 years from 1999 to 2001 during which a number of notable papers were peer reviewed and submitted. Papers in the field at that time were however few and far between, the research world has since changed and papers in the realm of Digital Urban are increasingly sort after. We will announce further plans as they develop, in the meantime if you are looking to publish a paper in a peer reviewed journal let us know via the email link on the side bar.

Over the coming weeks we will be revisiting some of the classic papers in the field, one notable example is Computable Cities by Professor Mike Batty of CASA. Published in the Online Planning Journal in 1999 it is the paper that led us to CASA and the current field of research. You can read the paper via the previous journal here, you can also check out the full list of articles.

If you would like to be involved in the Digital Urban Journal or would like further details then drop us a line.

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