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Call for Principal Investigator Sustainable Connected Cities: Intel/UCL/Imperial

Being UCL based we are slightly biased, but this is a stunning job advert to head up the new Collaborative Research Institute (Intel CRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities in the role of Principal Investigator.

Full details are below:

Job Description

Intel Labs Europe is seeking a motivated senior researcher to lead the new Intel Collaborative Research Institute (Intel CRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities in the role of Principal Investigator. In this role the candidate will start-up and lead the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities based in London.
In collaboration with Imperial College London, University College London and appropriate agencies the Intel PI shall establish the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) including defining its vision, research agenda and choice of university partners and Intel personnel while developing the ongoing research portfolio and funding.
As a recognized technical expert in the areas being investigated by the Institute, the PI will be responsible for:
  • Defining and executing the research agenda in partnership with the host universities and academic collaborators
  • He/She will hire and then direct a small team of Intel researchers on-site for the combined Intel-University team, liaising with the assigned university program director and the ICRI Managing Sponsor
  • He/She will initiate a research agenda leveraging state, EU level, and fellow-traveler industrial partner co scientific research projects to improve the sustainability of the world's cities and fuel Intel's growth with special attention to new business opportunities and technology transfer to Intel business units
  • The PI is responsible for reporting on the progress and research results in semi-annual Institute program reviews.
  • The PI is expected to work effectively with the multiple stakeholders within the Intel CRI program, including the co-PI from the university, the Executive Sponsor, the Steering Committee, the UCO Program Director and Program Managers, the Senior Sponsor of the host university, the members of Intel Labs Staff, the academic collaborators, and the research team themselves
  • The Intel PI will report to the ICRI's managing sponsor and may manage up to 3-4 Intel researchers
The successful candidate should have a proven track record of defining and leading successful research programs and projects, and have experience working successfully in a matrix-structured environment.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • MS or PhD plus at least 10 years (or equivalent) experience; recognized internally and externally as a technical/domain expert in the areas of computing technology solutions for cities
  • Strong track record delivering research results at lab manager level, e.g., 5+ years experience successfully running research or advanced development with demonstrated experience in developing and leading high performance teams
  • Strong track record directing research teams and/or programs within open collaborative models, e.g FP7
  • Strong track record in collaborating and negotiating with government funding agencies
  • Strong track record of guiding academic research and academic partnerships over 5+ years
  • Strong track record in Sustainable / Future City transformative technology research programs
  • Strong start-up and entrepreneurial skills with a good tolerance of ambiguity
  • Strong track record of transferring technology from research or advanced development efforts to existing or new businesses
  • Experience and technology expertise in one or more technology areas central to this institute, e.g., sensing, embedded computing, enterprise architecture, sensing/context aware software, services innovation, power-aware computing, sustainable design, energy, green technology, user experience design
  • High emotional intelligence and ability to build sustainable relationships and credibly interact with and work with senior researchers, academics and university officials
  • Ability to adapt to new cultures and working environments
  • Strong public speaking skills

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