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The Urban Monitoring System: CCTV Draped on 3D Models

An Urban Sensation is a proposal from Dan Foster-Smith, a graduate from Designing Interactions at the Royal College of Arts. It is aimed at developing an open source infrastructure that would enable the virtual reconstruction of our sensory stimuli at any location. The infrastructure enables our sense of sight, sound and smell to be emulated. For the sense of sight live CCTV footage is overlain on a 3D model of the urban environment. This allows you to move around the city space exploring visual soundings in real time. Combined with a GPS trace you can then re-live you visual surroundings or experience the visual surroundings of another person or just ponder what it would be like to be at hypothetical location:

We really like the use of CCTV to drape footage over a 3D model, it is well worth heading over to to find out more on the technique as well as Dans own page for more projects.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Sweet video! CCTV draped over a 3D model is already a reality in the marketplace. Check out Omnipresence 3D (, 3D software used for urban security.

  2. A CCTV draped over a 3D model i8s such a brilliant idea. This will allow a person to experience a life in a different dimension. CCTV Bristol