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The Global Lab Podcast Teaser from CASA

A early heads up that the trailer for the forthcoming podcast from CASA - The Global Lab is now available on iTunes. Global Lab is a podcast about cities, global connectivity and the impact of technology produced here at UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Each episode features the latest news and perspectives from urban analysis, social complexity and innovation, as well as interviews with cutting-edge researchers from UCL-CASA and guests from further afield.

This podcast is an opportunity for researchers to discuss their work in a way accessible to a wider audience, and to involve people from UCL and the wider community. Martin Austwick of fame and Steven Gray from are planning to get researchers from all the major projects at CASA to talk about their work in the next few months, and give people the opportunity to present and edit in the long term. The first episode, featuring Martin De Jode, from TalesofThings, will be out in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, you can listen to the teaser trailer and subscribe via iTunes...

We view this as an exciting development in our outreach at CASA and part of a new plan to ramp up tutorials, blogging and general communications. As part of this a new website showcasing all of CASA's research is coming soon, and as for Digital Urban, we are about to be back in play after some juggling of workloads...

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  1. why not allow simple mp3 download? I dont want no iapple iapps on my pc :P