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London Bus Flows: An URBAGRAM Animation

Cities can be considered "flows of information, vehicles and people" (Sheller, 2007) transported along diverse urban networks. In the Flowprint of London below, the city's extensive bus network is used to sketch an animated portrait of the living city, its wonderful:

LDN Flowprint from Anil Bawa-Cavia on Vimeo.

The system was developed by Anil Bawa-Cavia of CASA, another example of the kind of data that is currently being processed and visualised in the lab. Take a look at URBAGRAM for more insight into the work.

Would you like to join the team at CASA? We have two lecturing posistions currently available, accepting new PhD students and of course our MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV).


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Interesting to note a few "black spots" that dont have bus routes. Would be interesting to see if they mapped onto a london street plan to see where they were.

    Also - can I see regent st and oxford st in the middle there? where all the busses terminate/start off

  2. What is the complete reference for (Sheller, 2007)?

  3. @Nes The reference is:

    Sheller M, 2004, "Mobile publics: beyond the network perspective" Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 22(1) 39 – 52

    You can access it online.

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    i can see the 134 and 43 services! (Sheikh)

  5. This is quite interesting, much a similar exercise to something i saw on 'Britain From Above' a while back.

    Take a look: Taxis in London