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Wired Big Ideas for 2011: Chatitecture - Talking Buildings

We are pleased to say that in at number 24 of Wired Magazines 'Big Ideas for 2011' is Chatitecture, part of the Tales of Things project. Over the past 8 months a group of us have been developing technology to allow buildings to 'talk', to communicate their history, their architecture and the stories of people passing through.
Its simple to do, just sign up with Tales of Things, upload a image of your building of choice (under 2mb) and add a story. Your building will then go live and your be able to add it to the architecture group. If you want you can also print out a QRCode that you can stick to the building allowing anyone to scan the code and add to the story/history of the building via the free iPhone/Android apps.

Your building will also be able to 'Tweet' everytime it is scanned or a new comment/story added, it will also become part of the 'World of Things' map - a place to view all the objects added so far to the site.

The project team are working on ways to make the objects more location aware and aware of near by objects, it could be interesting over the next few months to see how this develops.

You can start tagging anything and everything via

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