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Swinglet CAM: DIY Drone Aerial Photography

If anyone is sorting out a Digital Urban Christmas List, then please add the Swinglet CAM and mark it with a little star for high priority.

With a 30 minute flying time, 12 mile range, 12Mp camera and ability to follow preprogrammed GPS tracks this is one of the best local air photography tools we have seen.

The Swinglet omes with all necessary components for operation: rechargeable battery, charger, radio modem, remote control (for experts of remote flying only), and software for flight planning and monitoring.
Head over to for full details.
Thanks go to Marek for sending us the link.


  1. Would be interesting to know if it is possible to get IMU data so you can use imagery in Socet Set without GPS ground control points.

  2. Hope the police won't get a hold of this gadget.
    I see Marijuana prices rising up already.

  3. Great find Andy - if one wanted to buy digital urban a xmas present like this - how much would it cost ? I dont see prices anywhere on there site ?

  4. The only price i have found is 7000 Euros - still want one though....

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    7000k now is 700k in 5 years. so the waiting begins...

  6. Wow - looks like it is time to sell the remote control camera blimp setup.

  7. Anonymous9:26 PM

    You don't need GPS ground control points - it'll give 10cm res Imagery at 150m altitude - you send the data off to a same day processing team associated with swinglet (for a small fee) who stich and georeference the imagery based on the embedded GPS data.
    They'll even do a 1m DEM model for you and provide a fly though KML of the flight