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Architectural Viz: Transitions between Real and Virtual, Shopping City Sued

Produced by Telegram71 and commisioned by Atp Architekten Ingenieure, the video below shows a possible future renovation of the Shopping City Sued, a shopping mall extending for nearly 2 km in the periphery of Vienna. The insertion of 3d modeled and rendered sequences into on site shootings gives a clear idea of the transition between the actual stage and the future development:

Central to the visualisation are the transitions between real world and rendered, we especially like the staircase sequence 3 minutes into the clip. Its not easy to make a clip based around a shopping centre interesting, but Telegram71 seem to of pulled it off.

Head over to for more examples.


  1. This is pretty cool. Also, it seems like this has been made in 2008 - well done if this is in fact the case.

  2. Hey Smithee thanks for posting our video on your blog and for your positive feedback!

    @Vertex Modelling: Yes this was done in 2008, a lot of work even because we were just in two.

    Sergio Bortolussi

  3. Well done Sergio, still respectable in 2010 but amazing job for 2 people in 2008 :)