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Architectural Visualisation in Crysis (The Engine)

Vladymi, an architect from Ukraine, got in contact to let us know that as a result of some of our blog posts he has decided to move almost entirely to game engines for visualisation.

His current 'engine' of choice is the CryEngine2:

Vladymi makes the point that such engines allow A0 size renders in seconds and export movies at above HD resolution in near real-time. The work load is also minimal in importing models, whats not to like?

See the ArchMod site for more details.


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    The CryEngine is awesome but last I checked the licensing cost for the Crytek engine was $1,000,000. Pretty significant barrier to entry.

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    It's a pity the example is of an American-style gated community with twee houses.

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Yes itd be nice to know how Vladymi negated the commercial licensing fees? Or is he uber-rich?

  4. You DON'T need CryEngine 2 to do this kind of viz all you need is copy of Crysis and Crysis SDK witch is freely available for non-commercial purposes(witch is why this project is non-commercial, means I didn't get paid for that). For commercial viz I use Unity.

  5. soon you wont need CryEngine for realtime rendering check out (

  6. Oh i love it. The visuals are stunning and the walking people and flying birds are giving the scene a "sense of life" A truly great and inspiring work :)

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Have you looked into using UDK? Their licensing for commercial use seems very fair, and use of it for non-commercial learning and development is free.

  8. My opinion:
    1.UDK doesn't have such quality of real-time lightning as CryEngine has. It has no differed lightning. It has weak Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
    2.UDK is not so user friendly as Unity is. But it does have a better graphics.
    3.UDK supports only PC. No Web, no Mac. CryEngine does not support them either :(
    4.I don't think royalty is very fair. Unity has a fixed price and no royalty.
    Well UDK does have few advantages, but that's another story. By the way I was a Big Unreal Engine fan few years ago.
    Next year, Crytek will release their version of "free" engine. Will have a look at it. And Unity 3 is out already...

  9. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I know a french team they use CryEngine 2 for visualisation : Enodo (ex ImagTP,
    They work with Crytek since 2004 for urban, architectural and design viz.

  10. emygdio12:36 AM

    chesscrate .. true also check out Lumion (formerly Slicex 3D) from the makers or Quest 3d..


  11. Vladymi8:54 PM

    Being involved in game industry for a while, I might tell you, that I know a lot of real-time technologies out there including some open-source projects. Shiva 3d, Cult 3d, Ogre, DXstudio, Espirient creator, Panda 3d. As for simple visualisation tools (same as Lumion) checkout Twinmotion (